You're All in This Together - Tracklist


  1. "Your Guts (I Hate ‘Em)"
  2. "Everything Sucks"
  3. "Turn The Radio Off"
  4. "You Don’t Know"
  5. "The Set Up (You Need This)"
  6. "Where Have You Been?"
  7. "The Fire"
  8. "Ban The Tube Top"
  9. "Drinkin'"
  10. "Unity" (Cover of Operation Ivy song, featuring Ali Tabatabaee from Zebrahead)
  11. "Snoop Dog, Baby"
  12. "So Much For Rock And Roll"
  13. "She Has A Girlfriend Now" (features Rachel Minton of Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer)
  14. "Cheer Up"
  15. "In The Pit"
  16. "Don't Start A Band"
  17. "Talkin' Bout A Revolution"
  18. "Beer"
  19. "Take On Me"
  20. "Sell Out"

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