You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish - Personnel


Produced by George Clinton
"Quickie" co-produced by Junie Morrison
"Last Dance" and "You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish" co-produced by Garry Shider

  • Guitar: Junie Morrison, Bootsy Collins, Andre Williams, DeWayne McKnight, Eddie Hazel
  • Guitar, Avatar: Michael Hampton
  • Bass: Bootsy Collins, Lige Curry, Michael Payne
  • Percussion: Larry Fratangelo, Maruga Booker
  • Saxophone: Maceo Parker
  • Trumpet: Richard Griffith, Larry Hatcher
  • Drums: Bootsy Collins
  • Synthesizer: Junie Morrison, Doug Duffy, David Spradley, DeWayne McKnight, Michael Payne, Ron Cron
  • Piano: Junie Morrison, Doug Duffy
  • Keyboards: Junie Morrison, Doug Duffy, David Spradley, Bernie Worrell, Ron Cron
  • Trombone: Fred Wesley
  • Background Vocals: George Clinton, Garry Shider, Gary Cooper, Ron Ford, Eddie Hazel, Darryl Clinton, Shirley Hayden, Kim Seay, Lane Strickland, Tracey Lewis, Robert Johnson, Blackbird McKnight, Michael Payne, Andre Williams, Jimmy Giles, Mallia Franklin, James Gilmore, Rev. Uriah

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