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Yoshida is the 12th most common Japanese surname.

  • Akihiko Yoshida (born 1967), game artist
  • Ami Yoshida (born 1976), vocalist
  • Bungo Yoshida (1934–2008), bunraku puppeteer
  • Hidehiko Yoshida (born 1969), judoka and MMA fighter
  • Kei Yosida, one of the physicists after which the RKKY interaction is named
  • Ken'ichi Yoshida
    • Ken'ichi Yoshida (literary scholar) (1912–1977), author
    • Ken'ichi Yoshida (animator)
  • Kenji Yoshida (1935–2003), anime film director and producer
  • Kōsaku Yoshida, usually written "Yosida", (1909–1990), mathematician
  • Masami Yoshida (born 1958), javelin thrower
  • Maya Yoshida (born 1988), professional footballer
  • Mitsuru Yoshida (1923–1979), author
  • Miwa Yoshida (born 1965), vocalist
  • Saori Yoshida (born 1982), female wrestler
  • Sayuri Yoshida (voice actor)
  • Sensha Yoshida, manga artist, known as the author of "Utsurun Desu."
  • Shigeru Yoshida (1878–1967), prime minister of Japan
  • Takao Yoshida (born 1973), professional wrestler
  • Takuro Yoshida (born 1946), musician
  • Yoshida Kenkō (1283–1350), monk, author
  • Yoshida Shoin (1830–1859), scholar
  • Yoshida Brothers, Shamisen musicians
  • Yoshishige Yoshida (born 1933), film director and screenwriter, also known as Kijū Yoshida
  • Yoshiyuki Yoshida (born 1974), Japanese mixed martial artist

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