Yohken Asakura - Guardian Ghosts

Guardian Ghosts

  • Amidamaru (阿弥陀丸?)
Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi, Mitsuki Saiga (young) (Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)
A samurai who died during the Muromachi period 600 years ago, Amidamaru is Yoh's ghost companion. He is very powerful and wise but quite taciturn and extremely devoted to "Lord Yoh" ("Yō-dono" in Japanese). He was greatly known around the town of Funbari, where he had died 600 years prior after killing several hundred other samurai soldiers during a battle. He is the original wielder of the legendary sword named Harusame (春雨, Spring Rain?), a sword forged by his best friend, Mosuke. The same sword is reproduced as a "spirit sword" and used by Yoh Asakura during the Shaman Fight while the original is kept in a museum. His name is based on the Buddha Amitābha, the principal figure in the Pure Land Buddhist sect.
  • Bason (馬孫?) Chinese: Mǎsūn
Voiced by: Shinpachi Tsuji (Japanese), David Brimmer (English)
Bason is the ghost of an ancient Chinese military commander from the Han Dynasty who serves Ren faithfully and obeys him without question. He refers to Ren as "Bocchama," which means "Young Master"; in the English version of the manga and anime, he refers to Ren as "Master Ren". Though Ren initially regards him as nothing more than an instrument to become Shaman King, Bason eventually becomes a valued and trusted friend of Ren. While he was noted for his bravery in life, he tends to be intimidated by Ren.
Having bravely served the Tao family in life, he continued to follow them as a ghost and has sworn to serve Ren by any means possible. He carries a kwan dao, and in his days as an ancient Chinese warrior, Bason rode into battle on a horse named Hei-Tao; the spirit of Hei-Tao can be integrated into another horse kept by Ren, named Bái-Feng, to perform the Perfect Re-enactment of the Vorpal Dance. Bason is capable of adding tremendous strength and speed to Ren's kwan dao, and even making it quite larger, but also uses his body in attacks such as the Golden Punch. In Giant Spirit Form, Bason appears as a gigantic robot capable of launching fireballs. While Amidamaru specializes in fighting a single opponent, Bason excels in fighting a number of opponents at once.
Like Ren, Bason appears very cold and cruel at the beginning of the series, however, following interaction with Yoh Asakura, Bason, like his master, begins to soften up and develop a much more pleasant disposition. He feels an overwhelming sense of duty to his master, even breaking down in tears when Ren is imprisoned by his father. While Bason and Amidamaru are very hostile and competitive at first, they soon become friendly rivals.
  • Lee Pyron (李白竜, Ri Pyron?) Chinese: Lee Bai Long (Lee Pai-long in the English manga)
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese), Dan Green (English)
"The White Dragon"; Lee Pyron was a Kung Fu movie star who was murdered by the Tao family to be Jun's Jiang Shi bodyguard. He is a thinly-veiled reference to Bruce Lee, who died under suspicious circumstances. Lee Pyron was born on November 29, 1948 and died mysterious at the age of thirty; his body disappeared after his funeral. Technically, he is not a spirit, but a living corpse reanimated using Tao Jun's "ofuda". However, he can be considered to be serving a similar purpose, since he serves Tao Jun and hangs around her perpetually. It is later revealed that Lee Pyron was murdered to be Tao Jun's guardian jiāngshī. Once he becomes self-aware again, he forgives Jun for what her family did to him and becomes very protective of her. While Jun appreciates his dedication, she is somewhat dismayed that he tends to knock down any young men who try to get to know her.
Throughout Pyron's life, he devoted himself to training and perfecting his martial arts, regretfully at the cost of neglecting his wife and son. Lee Pyron's master, Shamon (Shao-lin in the English anime), founded a variation of the Chāolín ("super forest") Temple Style (a parody of Shaolin) which he named "Ruichong-quan kung-fu" (Eijuken in the English anime). Shawen's Ruichong-quan became the basis of Pyron's style, the Dǎodàn-do (dǎodàn is Chinese for "missile"), which combined Boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate. Before Pyron died, he intended to create a perfect version of it and he intended not to pass it on until he finally perfected it; however, he died before he could complete his art form. Various Daodan Do moves include Fu chong Hong Zha si (dive bomber, a series of matrix like flips), followed by Hong Zha Jiao (Bomb kick, a thrust to the face using the right leg) or the Dao Dan Jiao (rocket kick, a sudden thrust to the body with the legs). To increase his power, Jun performs various modifications on his body, including extendable limbs, which he utilizes against the Hana-gumi's spirits.
  • Kororo (コロロ?)
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki
Kororo is a Koropokuru, known to the Ainu as the "little people who live under the butterbur leaves" and known as "Minutians" in the English anime, and is Horohoro's spirit partner. She is surprisingly cute and develops a slight crush on a crush on Manta Oyamada, but becomes jealous when Horohoro admires Morphine for her delicate features. Kororo's abilities allow Horohoro to create and manipulate ice. She is known as "Corey" in the English anime, which sounds similar to "Kōri (氷?)", which is the Japanese word for ice and also the element that Horohoro's attacks are based on.
In the KangZengBang chapters, it is eventually revealed that Kororo is the spirit of Tamiko Kurobe (黒部 民子, Kurobe Tamiko?), a girl whose father was involved with the construction of a dam near Horohoro's village and was nicknamed "Damuko (ダム子?)". She gave Horohoro his nickname and they formed a tentative friendship as they were both considered outcasts among their classmates. However, when Horohoro's grandfather told him to stay away from Damuko, Horohoro began to ignore her, though Damuko continued to hang out with him and hoped they would see the butterbur fields in the spring. However, when she suffered an accident trying to follow him one day, Damuko froze to death and Horohoro has blamed himself for killing the only girl he ever loved. When Horohoro reveals why he began ignoring her during his fight with Kalim, Kororo is able to briefly return to her true form as Damuko and explains how she became a Koropokkoru after her death in order to learn the reason why he broke off their friendship. Finally reconciled with Horohoro, she returns to her koropokkoru form and remains by his side.
  • Tokagero (トカゲロウ, Tokagerō?)
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), Wayne Grayson (English)
The Guardian Ghost of Wooden Sword Ryu, Tokagero always talks about being a nasty villain, but he is actually a big softie. He has a lizard-like appearance and wears he wears a piece of armor called a hanburi on his face. He was born on November 14, 1374. When he was still alive, Tokagero was a thief that was born into poverty. Tokagero was forced to eat his own dead mother to survive and he was later killed by Amidamaru at the age of 35.
In the modern age, Tokagero attacks Yoh Asakura and his friends in order to get revenge on Amidamaru, who does not recall him at all. Through Anna Kyoyama's research, they learn that he is an obscure historical figure who was killed by Amidamaru. Tokagero possesses Yoh's friend Ryunosuke Unemiya ("Wooden Sword" Ryu) and uses him to steal the Harusame (Sword of Light) from the museum and attack Yoh and Amidamaru. The fight that ensues forces Yoh and Amidamaru to break the Harusame in order to save Ryu's life. Yoh appeals to Tokagero and allows him to possess him instead of Ryu, who is just an innocent bystander, because Yoh believes that Tokagero is not as evil as he claims. Tokagero does so, with the supposed intention of killing Yoh in the process, but finds he does not have the heart to and leaves Yoh's body peacefully. Tokagero eventually becomes the spirit ally of Ryu. After Ryu and Tokagero train at Izumo, Tokagero embodies the spirit of the mythical river god, Yamata no Orochi. However, it is a common misconception that the Yamata no Orochi is a second spirit that Ryu possesses.
  • Eliza (エリザ, Eriza?)
Eliza was Faust VIII's wife, who worked as a nurse until she was murdered (along with the family dog, Frankenstiney) by robbers who broke into Faust's house. Eliza's death led her (now extremely depressed) husband to dig up her skeleton from her casket and enter the Shaman Fights to bring her back to life. When Faust joined Yoh's group, Anna brought the spirit of Eliza to be reunited with her husband as his Guardian Ghost. Her "Giant Over Soul" form is a giant bat-winged version of herself called Mephisto-E (Mephisto being a reference to Mephistopheles, or the devil, whom Faustus summons). After Faust and Eliza reunited, both of them became heavily devoted to Yoh. As a guardian ghost, she is an effective medical assistant to Faust and is armed with surgical instruments, though Faust admits that she is a little clumsy and may inject an opponent many times with a syringe before she hits the mark.
  • Ponchi and Conchi (ポンチ & コンチ, Ponchi and Konchi?)
Ponchi is a tanuki with, in the original Japanese, large testicles, or in the English manga, a large stomach, and Conchi is a kitsune fox spirit who are the familiars of Tamao Tamamura. Ponchi's testicles are never seen in any versions of the anime. Both Ponchi and Conchi wear Mawashis; in the manga it is because they were frightened into doing so by Matamune. The pair are two of the many guardian spirits of the Asakura family and are four hundred years old, but extremely vulgar and egotistical. Because the Asakura family has many considerably more powerful spirits at their disposal, Ponchi and Conchi have been free to act as disobediently as they want. They are cowardly and easily frightened by anyone who proves to be powerful and intimidating, especially Anna and Matamune. Despite being nuisances, they have not been sealed because they have proven themselves to be useful for tasks like spying, reconnaissance, casting curses, and simple (though not completely accurate) divinations. In combat, Conchi is able to form a bow and arrow Oversoul with Tamao's planchette while Ponchi combines with her planchette to form a cushioning shield Oversoul. The spirits are parodies of the popular animated children's cartoon characters, Ren and Stimpy, changed in the anime to avoid copyright infringement claims.
  • Matamune (マタムネ?)
Matamune is a Nekomata, a type of cat spirit with two tails; he also carries around a pipe with him and wears a necklace with three bear claws (which later is owned by Yoh Asakura). He has served the Asakura family for a millennium, although he spends much of his time traveling the world. He professes to have seen everything, and is almost constantly reading books. Matamune first appears in volume 19 and 20, which was not depicted in the Shaman King anime, and later appears in Hell, observing Yoh's encounter with Yohken from afar and then becoming Ren and Horohoro's guide in Hell.
  • Mosuke (喪助?)
Voiced by: Hisao Egawa, Kumiko Watanabe (young) (Japanese), David Brimmer (English)
A master swordsmith whose ability to create swords matched Amidamaru's ability to wield them. He and Amidamaru were best friends and grew up together. Their deaths resulted from Amidamaru's refusal to kill Mosuke when their lord ordered the samurai to. Mosuke, who believed that his delay in completing Harusame was the reason why Amidamaru died, spent the next six hundred years haunting the sword he had crafted for his friend until Yoh and Manta revealed that Amidamaru's spirit had continued to wait for him at Funbari Hill. He is later summoned to reforge Harusame after it is broken during the confrontation with Tokagero. In the anime, Mosuke later becomes Manta's guardian ghost, semi-trapped in Manta's laptop, and forms an Oversoul with the form of a hammer.
  • Morphine (モルフィン, Morufunn?)
Morphine (Morphea in the English manga, Chloe in the English anime) is a pixie-like poppy spirit who is Lyserg's spirit ally. She has served with Diethal family for several generations and is the family's most valuable treasure. Despite her delicate appearance, she is merciless when it comes to protecting Lyserg and is capable of driving his pendulum at high speeds. As Lyserg's best friend and most loyal protector, she silently worries about his obsessive mission to avenge his family. She loves eating sweet-tasting things and would like to become friends with Kororo, the other nature spirit in Yoh's ground, though it seems the friendship is unlikely. In the anime, Morphine is absorbed by Archangels to assume her "Giant Over Soul" form. Her original name was edited for being a reference to morphine.
  • Mic (ミック, Mikku?)
A jaguar spirit who is Joco's spirit ally. While he appears to be an ordinary animal spirit, Mic is actually a very old and powerful nature spirit. Though jaguars have been impulsive and known to attack enemies and rivals without mercy, Mic has gradually calmed down over the years and become a gentle and kind animal. He used to belong to Chocolove's mentor. His name is a takeoff of "Mick Jagger". Whether as a guardian ghost or as a supporting comedian, he is very supportive of Joco and extremely valuable as a spirit who is able to collect information due to his smaller size and natural feline caution.
  • Pascal Avaf (パスカル・アバフ, Pasukaru Abafu?)
The second Guardian Ghost of Joco, a wise Olmec spirit introduced to Joco during his first death and arrival in Hell by Joco's mentor, Orona. One thousand years ago, he was a powerful shaman who participated in the Shaman Tournament but lost to Hao Asakura. The spirit is both Joco's partner and mentor, and allows Joco to become the most stable member of Ren's team because of the strong relationships Joco has with both his spirits. He is capable of merging with Mic and Joco to form the Armour Oversoul 'Jaguarman', and teaches Ren and Horohoro how to form Armour Oversouls as well. Professor Avaf later serves as a guide for Lyserg Diethel in Hell. Like Gandhara and the Asakura and Tao families, he has been guiding the Five Elemental Warriors with the hope that they will be able to defeat Hao at last.
  • Zenki & Kouki (前鬼 & 後鬼?)
A pair of shikigami that resemble Oni and were created by Hao with the Genma Choboku to protect the Ultra Senji Ryukketsu (Tome of the Shaman). Anna defeats both of them and claims them as her own, using them as her muscle. Zenki is the blue shikigami, with eye sockets in the shape of the "Seven Star Tree of Renewal" used as the crest for the Asakura family, and is skilled in melee combat and carries a shield. The red shikigami, Kouki, has one eye in the centre of "Five Point Star" shape used as Hao's symbol, and wields a large battle axe in combat. In the manga, Anna is able to enhance them and form an Oversoul with them using the 1080 beads as a medium. Kouki is eventually destroyed when Anna uses it to defend herself and the Hana-gumi from Hao's Armour Oversoul. In the anime, Hao retakes control of the shikigami duo to hold Yoh's friends at bay at the conclusion of the series, though the shikigami were soon destroyed.
  • Imari & Shigaraki (イマリ & シガラキ?)
A pair of Yamagi (山神?), mountain gods, who are over a thousand years old and serve as Mikihisa's spirit partners. Their Oversouls are formed from using stones as mediums and they are considerably skillful and powerful fighters. Imari is a kitsune who was once an evil nature spirit, but became helpful guardian spirit after being defeated by the Asakura family. She is intelligent and noble, and excels in transformations, particularly into a human woman; however, despite her feminine mannerisms, nobody is certain whether she is actually female. Shigaraki is a tanuki spirit who was found by an Asakura shugensha in a Buddhist temple and convinced to leave, becoming the shugensha's guardian spirit. He also specializes in transformations, but is less skilled than Imari. They were both given names 300 years ago by a member of the Asakura family who enjoyed tea ceremony and found their fur reminded him of Imari porcelain and Shigaraki ware. The duo are both high class spirits who cannot be compared to Conchi and Ponchi and hate any sort of comparison made. Imari and Shigaraki aid Yoh when he confronts the X-Laws after he is coerced by Hao into returning to the Shaman Tournament.
  • Gororo (ゴロロ?)
The Guardian Ghost of Lycan Usui, the father of Horohoro and Pirika. Gororo is a Koropukuru, but unlike the others, he is about the size of a human. Because of his unnatural size, he had been shunned by other Koropokkur. However, he is kindhearted and strong, and possesses a great deal of reiyoku. He is first seen when Horohoro is protecting the Team Icemen from Hao's followers. Gororo is also responsible for training Damuko's spirit to becoming a Koropokuru when she refuses the Koropokuru's request for them to lead her into the afterlife.
  • Shamash (シャマシュ, Shamashu?)
Jeanne's god-class spirit, the Babylonian god of law who established ancient laws regarding justice, war, and the seasons. Its reiryoku is 520,000. The spirit was found in a sacred place within an old church during one of the X-Laws' pilgrimages and became Jeanne's spirit when she broke the spell that sealed him there. Due to his apathy for the human world, he rarely acts and his presence around Jeanne is sufficient to instill respect. In combat his incredible power allows him to manifest different torture tools depending on the medium used, which includes parts of Jeanne's armour and her iron maiden. Jeanne also has the means to resurrect others by having Shamash kiss them. In the anime, Jeanne is able to open the Gate of Babylon in an attempt to seal away Hao using Shamash's power. The attempt ends in failure as Shamash was devoured by the Spirit of Fire. In the manga, Shamash and Bason eventually become the guardian spirits of Men.
  • Archangels/Arch-Spirits
The Guardian ghosts of the X-Laws, which only Jeanne can present to their human partners. In the manga, it's revealed that they aren't actually angels, but spirits of cars made by Luchist using a fragment of angelic spirits and contained in the ammunition of a gun; Yoh describes them as being similar to tsukumogami spirits from Japanese legend. Many of the cars were inspired by Marco's own knowledge of cars, being a former car salesman and developer. In the anime, they were all absorbed into Morphine, near the finale, when all the members of the X-Laws fell by Hao's hands.
  • Michael: The Archangel Marco Lasso commands, the spirit of a 1992 Ferrari Testarossa treasured by Marco. The archangel is regarded as the closest to God and regarded as the king of angels, a brave archangel who leads the angels to war. Luchist summoned the ghost of the actual Michael to merge with the car to create Marco's guardian ghost; though it does not compare to a true angel, the spirit is powerful enough to be regarded as a god-class spirit. Michael is contained in a fully automatic Beretta 93R pistol.
  • Zeruel: The Archangel presented to Lyserg Diethel after he had proved his loyalty to the X-Laws, a nimble and swift spirit. In the anime, Lyserg abandoned his original spirit in favor of the more powerful Archangel; in the manga, he retains Morphine and Zeruel as guardian spirits. After training in hell, Lyserg is able to have Zeruel and Morphine combine to form his Armour Oversoul, Mestema Dolkeem. Zeruel is the spirit of a blue Lotus Elise contained in a derringer.
  • Raphael: An archangel commanded by Dingbat, the spirit of an Aston Martin DB4 contained in the ammunition of a grenade launcher. During his final attempt on Hao, Dingbat uses his connections with the British government to gain access to a military defense satellite, which Dingbat uses as a medium for Raphael to fire upon Hao's location.
  • Sariel: An archangel commanded by Pofe, the spirit of a Porsche 911 housed in a Remington 700.
  • Uriel: An archangel commanded by Lucky, the spirit of a Ford GT40 kept in a bazooka.
  • Gabriel: An archangel commanded by Meene, the spirit of a Giulietta SZ contained in a Luger P08 pistol, known as the angel seated on God's left. Though Gabriel possesses a high defense, it is better suited for shooting from a distance and best used in a supporting role rather than in face-to-face battles. Because Meene overestimates Gabriel's defense, the angel is instantly destroyed when she attempts to fire point-blank at Hao.
  • Metatron: An archangel commanded by Venstar, the spirit of a Hummer H1 that Venstar drove during the Gulf War and is kept in an rocket artillery launcher. An angel stronger than Michael, it wields a shield and morning star and possesses an incredible destructive power befitting its tough structure.
  • Remiel: An archangel commanded by Cebin, the spirit of a 300SL Coupe contained in specially built guns resembling human forearms. Known as the messenger charged with guiding souls to heaven and delivering divine visions, it has the power of thunder. The angel is lightweight and attacks by emitting electrical charges from Cebin's hand. Because of Cebin's calm demeanor, neither of them lose their cool in battle and Remiel's outstanding speed and strength allows the creation of a stable Oversoul.
  • Lucifer: The first archangel to be created, commanded by Luchist Lasso and regarded as a fallen angel. It is the spirit of a Lamborghini Countach LP400, a car with great value to Luchist and known for its speed and power. It is contained in a Comp Hunter revolver.
  • Azazel: Another fallen angel commanded by Hans Reiheit. It is the spirits of tanks from World War II and is contained a Steyr AUG. The spirit is regarded as highly dangerous because its reiyoku level at 470 000 is higher than that of the Spirit of Fire's reiyoku of 300 000. However, Reiheit's lower furyoku level means that he cannot materialize the spirit for more than three seconds and suffers considerable backlash if his Oversoul is broken.
  • Golem (ゴーレム, Goremu?)
The Golem is a machine that functions like Spirit of Fire in that it ingests spirits to get stronger and the spirits are contained in a battery of sorts with a furyoku level of at 550 000. It belongs to Redseb and Seyram, and it was built by their deceased father, Dr. Camel Munzer. Primarily operated by Seyram, the Golem can summoned remotely by a special command and is part of Team Kabbalahers, though primarily so that Mikihisa can keep the machine from falling into the wrong hands after he learned of its powerful destructive capabilities. Though it's a machine, Camel Munzer used the spirit of Redseb and Seyram's mother to empower the golem as a machine OS. After Dr. Munzer's spirit regains his senses and is sent to the Great Spirit, Anna modifies the Golem so that she and the Munzer children can use it against Hao. Golem may be based of the Golem from Jewish mythology. In the anime he belongs to a family of shamans.
  • Buddhas
The Guardian ghosts of the Gandhara. Unlike the X-Laws's spirits, the Gandhara spirits are genuinely divine, deriving from the Buddha. All of them are stronger than Spirit of Fire.
  • Dainichi Nyorai (大日如来?): The Buddha commanded by Lady Sati, nicknamed Senju (センジ?). He became Sati's partner after he emerged from the statue of a thousand armed kannon to save a young Sati from land sharks at the Saigan Temple. He affectionately calls Sati "Sacchan". One of the largest Buddhist gods among the Gandhara, he primarily uses his mighty palms in combat and his reiryoku is 700,000. His appearance in his spirit form, along with his background and relationship to Sati, is a reference to Senju from Takei's earlier work, Butsu Zone.
  • Jizou Nyorai (ジゾウ如来?): The Buddha commanded by Daiei. Its reiryoku is 650,000. His spirit form resembles the character Jizo from Takei's work, Butsu Zone.
  • Batou Nyorai (バトウ如来?): The Buddha commanded by Komeri. Its reiryoku is 650,000. Similar to other members of Gandhara, he resembles the character Batoh from Takei's manga, Butsu Zone.
  • Acala (不動明王, Fudō Myō-ō?): The Buddha commanded by Jackson. Its reiryoku is 400,000 and uses a vajra as its medium. According to Pascal Avaf, the spirit rules over the Three Passions of Buddhism: wrath, greed, and sloth. Acala wields a personal sword known as Bankoken that will place a person into a deep sleep from which they cannot easily wake from when the person is cut. The spirit also holds a chain that will hunt down any spirit, regardless of its speed. In its Oversoul form, Acala resembles the character "Fudou" in Takei's work, Butsu Zone.
  • Kundali (軍荼利明王, Kundali Myō-ō?): The Buddha commanded by Yainage, possessing a reiyoku of 400 000. Its primary abilities involve palm strikes that nullify any furyoku based attack and defense, and follows the movement of Yainage as he wields a vajra used as the spirit's medium.
  • Rāgarāja (愛染明王, Aizen Myō-ō?): The Buddha commanded by Cado. Its reiryoku is 400,000. In Oversoul form, the spirit is armed with a bow and arrows, relying on its six arms to fire multiple shots or rapidly strike with its many palms. Arrows fired by Ragaraja will follow and strike down any spirit, regardless of speed. The spirit's medium is Cado's cell phone.
  • Ashura (アシュラ?): The Buddha commanded by Mami and Sami, its reiryoku is 400,000. As one of the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism, the Oversoul he forms with Mamy as a medium allows them to wield the other seven Devas as weapons, which provides them with a wide arsenal of techniques in combat. However, his evil passion is described as being incredibly strong, making it difficult to form an Oversoul with him. He is based on Senju's rival in Takei's work Butsu Zone.
  • Nio (仁王?): The Buddhas commanded by Ozam, known individually as A-gyō (阿形?) and Un-gyō (吽形?), the two wrath-filled muscular guardians of the Buddha. Each have a reiyoku of 25 000.
  • Marishi-ten (マリシテン?): The Buddha commanded by Seikyou. Its reiryoku is 400,000 and uses a mirror as its medium.
  • Shatora (シャトラ?): The Buddha commanded by Aeon Li. Its reiryoku is 400,000. Its medium is Aeon's neck tie.
  • Spirit of Fire (スピリット・オブ・ファイア, Supiritto obu Faia?) (S.O.F.)
Hao's guardian ghost, formerly one of the five Elemental Spirits and a sacred symbol of the Patch Tribe until Patch Hao took it for his own 500 years ago. Its power was initially greatly diminished because of its journey back from Hell (where Hao negotiated the terms of his reincarnations with Taizan Kuzun, the god of the dead), forcing it to regain its strength by consuming other souls and spirits. The spirit's flames serves as Hao's way of killing off shamans who failed him or those who refused to rally for his cause and has accompanied him from his second incarnation to his third. Its reiryoku 330,000. Its primary medium is the oxygen in the air, allowing Hao to manifest the Spirit of Fire with incredible speed. Using Onmyōdō magic, Hao can alter the nature of the Spirit of Fire into any of the five elements (fire, water, wood, metal, and earth). It can shower the enemy with magma with a temperature exceeding 1200°C, and can also launch a large amount of fire into the air as a defensive move. In the anime, Hao ultimately deems the Shaman Fight to be a pointless contest, and moves to acquire the Great Spirit by force. After fighting through various obstacles, the Spirit of Fire consumes the Great Spirit itself, being reborn in a golden hue ten times its previous size. In the manga, the final competitors in the tournaments elect to allow Hao to Shaman King uncontested, after which Hao discards the spirit and it becomes the guardian ghost of Lyserg Diethel.
  • The Five Grand Elemental Spirits (五大精霊, Godaiseirei?)
Regarded as the sacred treasures of the Patch Tribe, the Five Elemental Spirits were said to have been created by the Great Spirit and can only be controlled by powerful shaman. Like the Spirit of Fire, each of the High Spirits are capable of becoming stronger by consuming the souls of others and retains all their memories. After Hao Asakura, in his second incarnation as a Patch member, steals the Spirit of Fire, the Patch become highly protective of the remaining four spirits. After Silva's attempt to steal the spirits and hearing of Gandhara's plan to take the remaining spirits for the shaman they have recognized as the Five Elemental Warriors, the Patch hide the spirits in Hell, where they are each protected by one of the Four Kings of Hell. The spirits are later retrieved by Lady Sati and the strongest members of Gandhara and delivered to Yoh and his companions for their final fight against Hao.
  • Spirit of Earth (スピリット・オブ・アース, Supiritto obu Aasu?) (S.O.E.): The elemental spirit that gives life to plants and creates metal. It can generate gravitational forces to attract any object towards itself, which is a highly effective defensive move as protection from forces as great as large meteors. It later becomes the guardian ghost of Yoh Asakura.
  • Spirit of Thunder (スピリット・オブ・サンダー, Supiritto obu Sandou?) (S.O.T.): A spirit that can create powerful electrical charges up to 1 500 000 000 kW and 100 million volts from black clouds to strike opponents and generate magnetic fields to defend. It is strongly associated with Taoism and becomes the guardian ghost of Tao Ren.
  • Spirit of Rain (スピリット・オブ・レイン, Supiritto obu Rein?) (S.O.R.): The elemental spirit with an unlimited amount of holy water. It can create large massive icicles and by combining its power with the power of the Spirit of Wind it can even make violent freezing winds. The spirit becomes the guardian ghost of Horohoro.
  • Spirit of Wind (スピリット・オブ・ウインド, Supiritto obu Uindo?) (S.O.W.): Representing the Aztec symbol of the Eagle warrior that slices the wind with its wings, the Spirit of Wind is incredibly swift, peaking at 120 m/s with a pressure of 900 hPa, and can destroy any debris that runs into its path. It becomes the guardian ghost of Joco McDonnell.
  • Ohachiyo (乙破千代?)
Though once a human, Ohachiyo is demonic spirit who roamed around for 200 years before meeting Asaha Douji (麻葉 童子?), the original Hao Asakura. He became Asaha's first friend after the death of his mother, Asanoha Douji, and nicknames him "Mappa Douji (麻葉 童子?)" based on an alternate reading for the characters of his given name. A carefree and cheerful creature, he teaches the young Asaha many things and tries to quell the child's hatred of humans. However, when a corrupt priest tries to kill Asaha as a scapegoat and appease the local people, Ohachiyo integrates his spirit with Asaha to give the boy the means to fight back. When Asaha exhausts his furyoku while still integrated with Ohachiyo, the demon's spirit is absorbed into Asaha, leaving Asaha with his reishi mindreading ability forever. As Yoh draws closer to his goal of defeating Hao and understanding his brother, he sees Ohachiyo in a vision; not knowing the spirit's name, he mistakenly refers to the spirit as "Z" after seeing the similar looking kanji "乙" on the demon's garment.
  • Asanoha Douji (麻ノ葉 童子?)
The mother of the original Hao Asakura, who possessed the ability to see spirits. However, because the local people could not see spirits themselves, they believed Asanoha was a kitsune and killed her by burning her house down. Her young son was branded as the "child of a demon" and he developed a strong hatred for ordinary humans. Since becoming a shaman, he has hoped to find his mother's spirit again. She coincidentally has a strong resemblance to Anna and is revealed to be a woman with a strong will and gentle heart.
  • Great Spirit (グレート・スピリッツ, Gurēto Supirittsu?) (G.S.) (King of Spirits in the anime)
The strongest and most ancient spirit which the Shaman King unites with, and the whole purpose of the Shaman Fight. Its physical form is of a massive swirling pillar of furyoku composed of trillions of interconnected spirits. All spirits come from the Great Spirit and and return to it upon death, barring they become earthbound. Only shamans with a strong will are able to directly gaze upon the Great Spirit, as those who are too weak either fall into an eternal sleep or are driven insane from visions of the planet's memories.
Like the Five Elemental Spirits, it has domain over its element - any aspect of the universe it retains. When it forms an Oversoul with the Shaman King, it can create a small star that emits an unbearable quantity of heat, making it very difficult to remain in close proximity for extended periods, as well as a black hole to pull everything into oblivion. Because the Great Spirit contains all the memories of the planet itself, those who become Shaman King gain absolute knowledge, allowing the reshaping of the world entirely according to the Shaman King's will.

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