Y?N-Vee - Related Letters and Other Similar Characters

Related Letters and Other Similar Characters

  • Υ υ : Greek letter Upsilon
  • У у : Cyrillic letter U
  • Ү ү : Cyrillic letter Ue (Straight U)
  • Ы ы : Cyrillic letter Yery, commonly romanized as ⟨y⟩
  • י : Hebrew letter yodh
  • ¥ : a currency symbol

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    Generally there is no consistent evidence of significant differences in school achievement between children of working and nonworking mothers, but differences that do appear are often related to maternal satisfaction with her chosen role, and the quality of substitute care.
    Ruth E. Zambrana, U.S. researcher, M. Hurst, and R.L. Hite. “The Working Mother in Contemporary Perspectives: A Review of Literature,” Pediatrics (December 1979)

    My business is stanching blood and feeding fainting men; my post the open field between the bullet and the hospital. I sometimes discuss the application of a compress or a wisp of hay under a broken limb, but not the bearing and merits of a political movement. I make gruel—not speeches; I write letters home for wounded soldiers, not political addresses.
    Clara Barton (1821–1912)

    ... a phallocentric culture is more likely to begin its censorship purges with books on pelvic self-examination for women or books containing lyrical paeans to lesbianism than with See Him Tear and Kill Her or similar Mickey-Spillanesque titles.
    Robin Morgan (b. 1941)

    For the most part, only the light characters travel. Who are you that have no task to keep you at home?
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)