Yin may refer to:

  • Yin, the dark force opposing yang in traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine
  • Yin (surname), a Chinese surname
  • Yinxu, the ruins of the Shang Dynasty capital Yin near today's Anyang, China
  • Shang Dynasty also known as the Yin Dynasty
  • Yin (Ten Kingdoms), a short-lived kingdom during China's Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
  • Yin Mountains, a mountain range in Inner Mongolia and Hebei province in China
  • yin (office) (尹, yīn), an office of early China sometimes equivalent to prime minister and sometimes to governor

Yin could refer to these people:

  • Yin Chengzong, premier Chinese pianist and composer who arranged the Yellow River Concerto
  • The Big Yin, nickname of Billy Connolly
  • Yin, a fictional character from the Disney/Jetix show Yin Yang Yo!
  • Yin, a fictional character from the anime series Darker Than Black

Famous quotes containing the word yin:

    The Japanese do not fear God. They only fear bombs.
    Jerome Cady, U.S. screenwriter. Lewis Milestone. Yin Chu Ling, The Purple Heart (1944)