Yataity Del Norte

Yataity del Norte is a town and district in the San Pedro department of Paraguay, you can access this district by Route 8 "Dr. Blás Garay", like most people who were born and grew up on the side of the road, is a laborious community, which focuses on trade and agricultural production.

Founded December 22, 1965, it is located some 263 km from Asunción.

Yataity del Norte gateway to reach the prosperous colony Unión and the December 25, which leads to a precarious dirt road. Posts sales of fruit, quaint bars and restaurants where they offer tasty dishes of home cooking are points of attraction to make a stop on the road, before continuing the journey.

It is near the Arroyo Peñatei with a population of about 14.373 inhabitants. The vast majority are engaged in forestry, agriculture and livestock.

Its population is distributed as follows, corresponds to 52% male and 47% females. This situation is equal to what happens in most departments of the interior of the country, which has found greater female migration to urban centres, usually seeking to improve their living conditions and his family.

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