YAGO (ontology)

YAGO is a knowledge base developed at the Max Planck Institute Saarbr├╝cken. It is automatically extracted from Wikipedia and other sources.

As of 2012, YAGO2s has knowledge of more than 10 million entities and contains more than 120 million facts about these entities. The information in Yago is extracted from Wikipedia (e.g., categories, redirects, infoboxes, WordNet (e.g., synsets. hyponymy) and GeoNames. The accuracy of YAGO was manually evaluated to be above 95% on a sample of facts. To integrate it to the linked data cloud, YAGO has been linked to the DBpedia ontology and to the SUMO ontology.

YAGO2s is provided in Turtle and tsv formats. Dumps of the whole database are available, as well as thematic and specialized dumps. It can also be queried through various online browsers and through a SPARQL endpoint hosted by OpenLink Software. YAGO has been used in the Watson artificial intelligence system.