XERF-AM - How Commercial XERF Faded Away

How Commercial XERF Faded Away

However time had run out for the super power XERF when attorney Arturo Gonzalez was forced to retire. His own age and the additional questionable legalities, among other things, of brokering a contract that would involve yet another country (UK) would become more of a headache than he wanted at his time of life. Without his Texas sales connection the silent owners of the ancient transmitter facilities also knew that the days of XERF were finally over.

When Arturo Gonzalez was forced out the picture due to corruption and alleged fraudulent issues, the Mexicans were left with out-of-date broadcasting facilities and a market that wanted both FM stereo and MTV on cable television. So they handed their license back to the government of Mexico. By this time the preachers had also drifted to cable outlets such as Jim Bakker’s PTL and Pat Robertson’s CBN cable television networks.

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