Xanthine Oxidase - Reaction


The following chemical reactions are catalyzed by xanthine oxidase:

  • hypoxanthine + H2O + O2 xanthine + H2O2
  • xanthine + H2O + O2 uric acid + H2O2
  • Xanthine oxidase can also act on certain other purines, pterins, and aldehydes. For example, it efficiently converts 1-methylxanthine (a metabolite of caffeine) to 1-methyluric acid, but has little activity on 3-methylxanthine.
  • Under some circumstances it can produce superoxide ion RH + H2O + 2 O2 ROH + 2 O2− + 2 H+.
  • hypoxanthine (one oxygen atom)

  • xanthine (two oxygens)

  • uric acid (three oxygens)

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