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Alongside the launch of The CW, WVIR began producing a new nightly prime time newscast on WVIR-DT2 (now WVIR-DT3). Competing with a show already airing on Class A Fox affiliate WAHU-CD (produced by CBS affiliate WCAV), this was originally known as CW 29 News at 10 and featured a separate graphics package and news music theme. Eventually, the broadcast was renamed NBC 29 News at 10 and began mirroring programs seen on the main channel.

Like all CW Plus affiliates in the Eastern Time Zone, WVIR-DT3 offers the nationally syndicated morning show The Daily Buzz on weekday mornings from 6 until 9. On April 19, 2008, WVIR began airing its newscasts in high definition (becoming first in the market to do so). However, the prime time shows on WVIR-DT3 were not included in the upgrade because the digital subchannel only airs in standard definition.

On October 17, 2012 with the upgrade to HD the 10:00 pm newscast is now in HD as well.


  • Libby Allison - weeknight news
  • Matt Talhelm - weekend news
  • Eric Pritchett (NWA Seal of Approval) - weeknight meteorologist
  • Clayton Stiver (AMS and NWA Seals of Approval) - weekend meteorologist
  • Marty Hudtloff - Sports Director seen weeknights
  • Mike Shiers - weekend sports
  • Brandi Williams - The Daily Buzz host
  • Andy Campbell - The Daily Buzz host
  • Mitch English - The Daily Buzz host
  • Kia Malone - The Daily Buzz host


  • Jesse Boeckermann - sports photographer and producer
  • Steve Rappaport - "Cville Scene" segment producer
  • Cathy Harding - "Cville Scene" segment producer
  • Ken Slack - Augusta County Bureau
  • Spinach Bentley - The Daily Buzz
  • Rita Smith - registered dietitian
  • Adam Rhew - State Capitol
  • Keith McGilvery
  • Dannika Lewis
  • Derick Waller
  • Stacia Harris
  • Julie Bercik
  • Henry Graff
  • Kasey Hott

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