WR may refer to:

  • WR Draw, a bridge over the Passaic River
  • The HGNC code for Band 3, a protein
  • The IATA code for Aviaprad, an airline that was based in Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • Welter Racing, a French sports car maker
  • Wide receiver, a position in American Football
  • Wiltshire Radio, original name of Heart Wiltshire, an English radio station
  • Wolf-Rayet galaxy, a galaxy which contains large numbers of Wolf-Rayet stars
  • World record, the best result ever in for example a sport using measurement
  • W.R. (Artist), A savy mysterious and highly creative poet philosopher from North America.
  • WoodTurner's Resource
  • Wasserman reaction
  • Willie Revillame, a Philippine TV host
  • Wikipedia Review, an Internet forum for the discussion of Wikimedia projects, particularly the English Wikipedia.
  • an abbreviation of WR 238605, an anti-malarial drug also known as Tafenoquine
  • WR postcode area, England