World of A Song of Ice and Fire - The North

The North

The North consists of the northern half of Westeros and is ruled by House Stark from Winterfell. The North is nearly as big as the other six kingdoms combined, but only sparsely populated. Martin compared the North to Scotland. It is cold in the North; mild snows are common, whereas the winters are described as hard. The region's northern border is the New Gift, a stretch of land 50 leagues wide in possession of the Night's Watch. An isthmus of swampland named the Neck separates the North from the South; it is home to small, marsh-dwelling crannogmen and ruled by House Reed of Greywater Watch, bannermen of House Stark. The Neck's narrowness and difficult terrain along with the almost impenetrable Moat Cailin make it a natural border for the North, protecting it from invasion. The city of White Harbor is described as a thriving port. Illegitimate children born in the North are given the surname Snow.

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