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During the Blue Bombers' early years the team played at Osborne Stadium, a small stadium near the Manitoba Legislative Buildings. The fast passing-dominated play of Bombers quarterback Jack Jacobs dramatically increased attendance at Blue Bombers games and precipitated the need for a new, larger stadium. Winnipeg Stadium, built in the West End of the city near Polo Park has been the home of the Blue Bombers since 1953. The team expects to play their last game at the stadium in November 2012.

In recent years, various plans were proposed to relocate the stadium. The latest was a 2008 plan to build a new stadium at the University of Manitoba, with both private and public funding. On April 2, 2009, David Asper (a media mogul located out of Winnipeg associated with Canwest and Creswin Properties) inked a deal with all levels of governments to build a new 33,422 (expandable to 45,000) seat stadium at the University of Manitoba in Southwest Winnipeg. The new stadium would serve as the home for the Blue Bombers as well as the University of Manitoba Bisons. The deal included refurbishing the existing Bison Stadium for practice and training as well as upgrading, expanding, and building new sports and fitness facilities. The new stadium, known as Investors Group Field, was to be complete for the start of the 2012 CFL season, but construction delays will force the Blue Bombers to play the 2012 season at Canad Inns Stadium.

  • Canad Inns Stadium

  • Canad Inns Stadium

  • Blue Bombers Game at Canad Inns Stadium with temporary seating set up in the endzone for the 2006 Grey Cup

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