Winning - Cast


  • Paul Newman as Frank Capua
  • Joanne Woodward as Elora Capua
  • Robert Wagner as Luther Lou Erding
  • Richard Thomas as Charley Capua
  • David Sheiner as Leo Crawford
  • Clu Gulager as Larry the Mechanic
  • Barry Ford as Bottineau
  • Karen Arthur as Miss Dairy Queen
  • Bobby Unser as Himself
  • Tony Hulman as Himself
  • Bobby Grim as Himself
  • Dan Gurney as Himself
  • Roger McCluskey as Himself
  • Ray Ballard as Trombone Player
  • Harry Basch as The Stranger
  • John Bryant as Well-Wisher at Indy Victory
  • Marianna Case as Motorcycle Girl
  • Toni Clayton as The Girl
  • Allen Emerson as Desk Clerk
  • Timothy Galbraith as Driver No. 2
  • Mimi Littlejohn as Indianapolis Queen
  • George Mason as Indianapolis Policeman
  • Carolyn McNichol as Party Girl
  • Paulene Myers as Cleaning Woman
  • Lou Palmer as Indianapolis Interviewer
  • Alma Platt as Mrs. Eshovo
  • Robert Quarry as Sam Jagin
  • Jay Reynolds as Indianapolis Interviewer
  • Charles Seel as Eshovo
  • Robert Shayne as Well-Wisher at Indy Victory
  • Maxine Stuart as Miss Redburne's Mother
  • Pat Vidan as Starter
  • Bruce Walkup as Driver No. 1
  • Eileen Wesson as Miss Redburne

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