Winkie Country - Winkie Country Landmarks

Winkie Country Landmarks

Like all the countries of Oz, the Winkie Country contains various unusual inhabitants and places.

  • Wicked Witch of the West's Castle - This was where the Wicked Witch of the West ruled over the Winkies until she was melted by Dorothy.
  • Tin Palace - A palace that is made out of tin. The Tin Woodman moved from the Wicked Witch's castle because it was too damp.
  • Jack Pumpkinhead's House - Jack Pumpkinhead lives in a giant hollowed-out pumpkin near the Tin Woodman's palace in Winkie Country.
  • Scarecrow's Mansion - Jack designed a five storey, jewel-encrusted, mansion shaped like an ear of corn for the Scarecrow.
  • Truth Pond - A pond that is located near the Deadly Desert. Anyone can bathe in and be freed of an enchantment, but must always afterward tell the truth
  • Merry-Go-Mountains - A bunch of mountains that whirl swiftly and are made of rubber.
  • The Tottenhots - Small sprite-like people who sleep during the day and play at night live in Winkie Country.
  • Oogaboo - Oogaboo is one of the smallest and poorest kingdoms in the Land of Oz which is located in the far northwestern corner of Winkie Country. It is located in a valley within a mountain range
  • Thi - A city that is a relatively unexplored part of Oz. It is surrounded by shifting fields that sends a traveler in the opposite position. The inhabitants of the city of Thi are called Thists. They have diamond-shaped heads and heart-shaped bodies. Their stomachs and throats are lined with gold allowing them to eat the thistles that grow around their city.
  • Herku - A city with a strange master/slave society. It is surrounded by four walls with a burnished copper gate in its center. The residents of Herku use a small dose of Zosozo (a specially-compounded substance that is made of pure energy) that makes the residents skeletally thin and immensely strong enough to keep a breed of giants as their slaves.
  • Bear Center - A forest where the stuffed bears live. They are ruled by the Lavendar Bear and are guided by the mechanical Little Pink Bear.
  • Remote Tableland - A small community that is in the far southwestern corner of Winkie Country. It is home to the Yips (who resemble the Hyups from Mount Munch).

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