Winkie Country - Communities


The Great Orchard lies between the City of Thi, where bipeds with heart-shaped chests subsist only on thistles and use mechanical dragons to pull their chariots is located in Winkie Country and the community of Herku.

Herku is a walled city in the Winkie Country ruled by Vig. The city is square with gates of burnished copper in each of the four walls of the city. The citizens drink Zosozo, which grants them incredible strength, but as a side effect leaves them thin and frail in appearance. The Herkus have enslaved many giants who serve them and also guard the city. The giants are terrified of the Herkus because of their incredible strength.

The Yips are a small community of people who live on a remote plateau in the far southwestern corner of the Winkie Country, in the Land of Oz. They live apart from the rest of the people of Oz, having no regular contact with the citizens below. There are no paths up or down the bramble-covered slopes of their height.(The Lost Princess of Oz)

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