William Collins House

William Collins House may refer to:

  • William Collins House (Fall River, Massachusetts), listed on the NRHP in Massachusetts
  • William Collins House (Madison, Wisconsin), listed on the NRHP in Wisconsin

Famous quotes containing the words collins and/or house:

    But com’st a decent maid,
    In Attic robe array’d,
    O chaste, unboastful nymph, to thee I call!
    —William Collins (1721–1759)

    If you feed a man, and wash his clothes, and borne his children, you and that man are married, that man is yours. If you sweep a house, and tend its fires and fill its stoves, and there is love in you all the years you are doing this, then you and that house are married, that house is yours.
    Truman Capote (20th century)