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  • Bill Anderson (singer) (born 1937), American country music singer, songwriter and game show host
  • Wil Anderson (born 1974), Australian comedian
  • Cat Anderson (William Alonzo Anderson, 1916–1981), American jazz trumpeter
  • William Anderson (artist) (1757–1837), painter of marine and historical paintings
  • William Anderson (guitarist) (born 1962), American classical guitarist and composer
  • William Anderson (theatre) (1868–1940), Australian stage entrepreneur
  • William M. Anderson (born 1948), film editor
  • W. H. Anderson (1882–1955), Canadian composer, choir director, tenor, and voice teacher
  • William West Anderson (born 1928), known as Adam West, American actor, best known for playing Batman from 1966 to 1968
  • Will Anderson (talk show host), American conservative talk show host
  • Will Anderson (singer) (born 1986), lead vocalist in the band Parachute

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