Wildlife of Phitsanulok Province

Wildlife Of Phitsanulok Province

The Phitsanulok Province of Thailand is home to a plethora of animal and plant species, including a number of endangered species, vulnerable species and near threatened species. Indigenous animal species include a variety of mammals (including endangered tigers and the vulnerable asiatic black bear), crabs, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and over 190 species of birds. Indigenous plant life include numerous species of flowering plants including the endangered phayom, Hopea ferrea and Dalbergia oliveri, the vulnerable Hopea odorata and Sumatran Pine, and a variety of conifers and clubmosses. Near threatened birds include the Siamese fireback and Oriental darter. The Siamese fireback has been nominated to be the national bird of Thailand. Wildlife conservation is just beginning to be realized in the province. Plans for sustainable development are being implemented, and over the last 30 years, more and more land has been set aside as protected areas. The protected areas in Phitsanulok include the province's four national parks.

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