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There are no explicit guidelines on how to incorporate an album article in a discography. Of course, there are several ways how it can be done. In all cases, please keep the following hints in mind:

  • sort the albums, e.g. ascending by date (since a discography is in some sense a chronology),
  • if you use tables, use wikicode, to make the list easier to maintain.

A simple way to list albums could be:

  • first album (year of release)
  • second album (year of release)

Note that album titles should be in italics and only albums, not release years, should be linked.

A different way using a table could be:

Title Release date Notes Label
Firstname 1999-01-01 first studio album Label name
Secondname 2000-01-01 another note Label name

Most album covers are non-free images, and are not permitted in discographies (or any other gallery or list). See Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria #8 and Wikipedia:Non-free content#Acceptable_images for clarification of this policy.

For further examples, see Category:Discographies. For current discussion about discography format, see Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Musicians/Article guidelines#Discography section.

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