Wickliffe may refer to:

  • Charles A. Wickliffe (1788—1869), a U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  • John Wickliffe, a spelling variant of John Wycliffe, 14 Century theologian
  • Robert C. Wickliffe, (1819—1895), Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Louisiana
  • Robert Charles Wickliffe, (1874–1912, grandson of Charles A. Wickliffe and cousin of John Crepps Wickliffe Beckham), a U.S. Representative from Louisiana
in Australia
  • Wickliffe, Victoria
in the United States
  • Wickliffe, Indiana
  • Wickliffe, Kentucky
  • Wickliffe (New Roads, Louisiana), listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana
  • Wickliffe, Ohio
  • Wickliffe, Oklahoma