Who is norman reilly raine?

Famous quotes containing the words reilly raine, norman, reilly and/or raine:

    A fat stomach sticks out too far, Monsieur La Rue. It prevents you from looking down and seeing what is going on around you.
    —Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)

    Do you know who’s sneaked into my stateroom at three o’clock this morning? Nobody, and that’s my complaint!
    S.J. Perelman, U.S. screenwriter, Arthur Sheekman, Will Johnstone, and Norman Z. McLeod. Groucho Marx, Monkey Business, a complaint shipboard stowaway Groucho makes to the ship’s captain (Ben Taggart)

    “I am innocent, Long live France! I am innocent,” Dreyfus kept repeating, over and over, while they reviled him. All he needed was a crown of thorns.
    —Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)

    An artist should remain true. Otherwise his talent, like his stomach, grows fat and stuffy.
    —Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)