Who is marcus annaeus lucan?

Famous quotes containing the words annaeus lucan, marcus annaeus, marcus, annaeus and/or lucan:

    Might was the measure of right.
    —Marcus Annaeus Lucan (39–65)

    The victorious party found favor with the gods, the vanquished with Cato.
    Marcus Annaeus Lucan (39–65)

    We fight our way through the massed and leveled collective safe taste of the Top 40, just looking for a little something we can call our own. But when we find it and jam the radio to hear it again it isn’t just ours—it is a link to thousands of others who are sharing it with us. As a matter of a single song this might mean very little; as culture, as a way of life, you can’t beat it.
    —Greil Marcus (b. 1945)

    Dispense with all delay!
    Postponement always harms when all’s prepared.
    —Marcus Annaeus Lucan (39–65)

    Greatness collapses of itself: such limit the gods have set to the growth of prosperous states.
    —Marcus Annaeus Lucan (39–65)