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  • (noun): English rock star; lead guitarist of the Beatles (1943-2001).
    Synonyms: George Harrison
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Hubert Harrison - Career
... In his first decade in New York Harrison started writing letters to the editor of the New York Times on topics such as lynching, Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution and literary ... As part of his civic efforts, Harrison worked with St ... In this period, Harrison also became interested in the freethought movement, which encouraged use of the scientific method and thinking devoid of theistic dogma ...
Harrison, New York - Education
... Harrison Central School District operates public schools. ...
Patrick Eugene Prendergast - Murder
... When the appointment did not come, Prendergast visited Harrison at his home on October 28, 1893, admitted by a maid who went to wake the mayor ... As Harrison was leaving the room where he had been sleeping, Prendergast approached and shot the mayor three times with a.38 revolver and escaped, firing once at a coachman whom he encountered ... Harrison did not know who Prendergast was ...
Hubert Harrison
... Hubert Henry Harrison (April 27, 1883 - December 17, 1927) was a West Indian-American writer, orator, educator, critic, and radical socialist political activist based in ... Croix at age 17, Harrison played significant roles in the largest radical class and race movements in the United States ... Harrison was a seminal and influential thinker who encouraged the development of class consciousness among working people, positive race consciousness among Black people, agnostic ...
Welcome To Mooseport - Plot
... Harold 'Handy' Harrison (Ray Romano) is the local plumber of Mooseport, who also owns a hardware store ... Unbeknownst to Harrison, his name has also been entered into the race ... When Harrison finds out Cole is running, he decides to step down, until he notices an unwitting Cole make a pass at Harrison's girlfriend of six years, veterinarian Dr ...

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    After so many historical illustrations of the evil effects of abandoning the policy of protection for that of a revenue tariff, we are again confronted by the suggestion that the principle of protection shall be eliminated from our tariff legislation. Have we not had enough of such experiments?
    —Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)

    It is so manifestly incompatible with those precautions for our peace and safety, which all the great powers habitually observe and enforce in matters affecting them, that a shorter water way between our eastern and western seaboards should be dominated by any European government, that we may confidently expect that such a purpose will not be entertained by any friendly power.
    —Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)

    I cannot trust myself to put in words what I feel at this time. Every kind thought that is in your minds and every good wish that is in your hearts for me finds its responsive wish and thought in my mind and heart for each of you. I love this city. It has been my own cherished home. Twice before I have left it to discharge public duties and returned to it with gladness, as I hope to do again.
    —Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)