Whitworth may refer to:

  • Whitworth rifle, a British made rifle used by the Confederacy in the American Civil War
  • Whitworth, County Durham, a former civil parish in England
  • Whitworth, Lancashire, a town in England
  • Whitworth, Quebec, an Indian reserve in Canada
  • Whitworth University, a private, liberal-arts institution in Spokane, Washington
  • British Standard Whitworth (BSW), a specification for screw fasteners, named after Joseph Whitworth, below
  • Whitworths, a dried fruit, home baking and snack products company

See also:

  • Armstrong Whitworth, English manufacturing company
  • Brian Whitworth, American businessman
  • Earl Whitworth, extinct English title
  • John Whitworth, RAF officer
  • Joseph Whitworth, English engineer
  • Kathy Whitworth, American golfer
  • Steve Whitworth, (born 1952) English footballer
  • Whitworth (jockey), rode the 1841 and 1842 Grand Nationals
  • William Whitworth, an Admiral in the Royal Navy