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... Cartrivision was available in the form of a TV set with a built-in recorder for the format ... Cartrivision recorders and sets were manufactured by Avco, a company that CTI partnered with to manufacture and develop the format, as well as Admiral, Packard Bell, Emerson, Montgomery Ward ... While Montgomery Ward's TV used the Admiral chassis, as did all Montgomery Wards Airline TVs, Admiral marketed their own Cartrivision with a different chassis ...
Liquid Crystal Display - Specifications
... In practical terms that means for an older standard definition TV set the ideal viewing distance was about 8 times the height (not diagonal) of the screen away ... For an HDTV set with slightly more than twice the number of rows of pixels, the ideal viewing distance is about half what it is for a standard definition set ... the closer the viewer can sit or the larger the set can usefully be sitting at the same distance as an older standard definition display ...
HDMI - Specifications - Communication Channel Protocols - CEC
... only one of their remote controls (for example by controlling a television set, set-top box, and DVD player using only the remote control of the TV) ... HDMI-CEC commands One Touch Play allows devices to switch the TV to use it as the active source when playback starts System Standby enables users to switch multiple devices to standby mode with the ...

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