What is geographical zone?

  • (noun): Any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude.
    Synonyms: zone

Geographical Zone

The five main latitude regions of the Earth's surface comprise geographical zones, divided by the major circles of latitude. The differences between them relate to climate, and the behaviour of the Sun. They are as follows:

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Geographical Zone - History
... The idea of a geographical zone was first hypothesized by the ancient Greek scholar Aristotle ... He said that the earth was divided into three types of climatic zones, based on their distance from the equator ... Aristotle dubbed the region around the equator (from 23.5° N to 23.5° S) the "Torrid Zone." He reasoned that from the Arctic Circle to the pole was permanently frozen ...

Famous quotes containing the words zone and/or geographical:

    Just like those other black holes from outer space, Hollywood is postmodern to this extent: it has no center, only a spreading dead zone of exhaustion, inertia, and brilliant decay.
    Arthur Kroker (b. 1945)

    While you are divided from us by geographical lines, which are imaginary, and by a language which is not the same, you have not come to an alien people or land. In the realm of the heart, in the domain of the mind, there are no geographical lines dividing the nations.
    Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919)