What is double up?

  • (verb): Share a room or a bed designed for only one person.
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More definitions of "double up":

  • (verb): Stake winnings from one bet on a subsequent wager.
    Synonyms: parlay
  • (verb): Bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain.
    Synonyms: double over, double

Famous quotes containing the word double:

    Was it the double of my dream
    The woman that by me lay
    Dreamed, or did we halve a dream
    Under the first cold gleam of day?
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I grew up confidently expecting to have a profession and earn my own living, and also confidently expecting to be married and have children. It was fifty-fifty with me. I was just as passionately determined to have children as I was to have a career. And my mother was the triumphant answer to all doubts as to the success of this double role. From my earliest memory she had more than half supported the family and yet she was supremely a mother.
    Crystal Eastman (1881–1928)