What is double?

  • (noun): A base hit on which the batter stops safely at second base.
    Example: "He hit a double to deep centerfield"
    Synonyms: two-base hit, two-bagger, two-baser
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Some articles on double:

Double Clutch
... A double clutch (also called a double declutch) is a method of shifting gears primarily used for vehicles with an unsynchronized manual transmission, such as commercial trucks and ...
Villarceau Circles - Existence and Equations
... planes tangent to the top and bottom of the torus, each of which gives a “double circle”, but not Villarceau circles.) We can calculate the intersection of the plane(s) with the torus ... and reduces the equation to This intersection is a double point, in fact a double point counted twice ... The two points of tangency are also double points ...
Double Bond - Variations
... In molecules with alternating double bonds and single bonds, p-orbital overlap can exist over multiple atoms in a chain, giving rise to a conjugated system ... In cumulenes two double bonds are adjacent ... Double bonds are common for period 2 elements carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and less common with elements of higher periods ...
Double Decker
... A double-decker is a vehicle that has two levels for passengers or cargo, one deck above the other ... rail car Bombardier BiLevel Coach Bombardier MultiLevel Coach Dome car Double-deck aircraft Double-deck elevator Double-decker bus Double-decker tram ... A double-decker may also refer to Double Decker (chocolate bar) Double-decker sandwich, such as a club sandwich or Dagwood sandwich, with two layers ...
History of The Overcoat
... Until then, most coats were double breasted, but Chesterfields and accompanying styles like the guard's coat were worn in single and double breasted ... there is a decline in the wearing of full-length overcoats, and double breasted ones are much less common ...

More definitions of "double":

  • (noun): A stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts.
    Example: "His first job in Hollywood was as a double for Clark Gable"
    Synonyms: stunt man, stunt woman
  • (noun): Raising the stakes in a card game by a factor of 2.
    Example: "I decided his double was a bluff"
    Synonyms: doubling
  • (verb): Hit a two-base hit.
  • (verb): Do double duty; serve two purposes or have two functions.
    Example: "She doubles as his wife and secretary"
  • (noun): Someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor).
    Example: "He could be Gingrich's double"
    Synonyms: image, look-alike
  • (adv): To double the degree.
    Example: "His eyes were double bright"
    Synonyms: doubly, twice
  • (adj): Used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis.
    Synonyms: bivalent
  • (adj): Having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities.
    Example: "A double (or dual) role for an actor"; "every episode has its double and treble meaning"-Frederick Harrison
    Synonyms: dual, twofold, treble, threefold
  • (noun): A quantity that is twice as great as another.
    Example: "36 is the double of 18"
  • (verb): Increase twofold.
    Synonyms: duplicate
  • (adj): Twice as great or many.
    Example: "Ate a double portion"
    Synonyms: doubled, twofold
  • (adj): Large enough for two.
    Example: "A double bed"; "a double room"
  • (adj): Consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs.
    Example: "An egg with a double yolk"; "a double (binary) star"; "double doors"
    Synonyms: dual, duple
  • (adj): Having two meanings with intent to deceive.
    Example: "A sly double meaning"
    Synonyms: forked
  • (adv): Two together.
    Example: "Some people sleep better double"
  • (adj): Used of flowers having more than the usual number of petals in crowded or overlapping arrangements.
    Example: "Double chrysanthemums have many rows of petals and are usually spherical or hemispherical"
  • (adv): Downward and forward.
    Example: "He was bent double with pain"
  • (verb): Bridge: make a demand for (a card or suit).

Famous quotes containing the word double:

    American families, however, without exception, experience a double message in our society, one that claims a commitment to families and stresses the importance of raising bright, stable, productive citizens, yet remains so bound by an ideal of “rugged individualism” that parents receive little support in their task from the public or private sectors.
    Bernice Weissbourd (20th century)

    Society’s double behavioral standard for women and for men is, in fact, a more effective deterrent than economic discrimination because it is more insidious, less tangible. Economic disadvantages involve ascertainable amounts, but the very nature of societal value judgments makes them harder to define, their effects harder to relate.
    Anne Tucker (b. 1945)

    I met Jack Kennedy in November, 1946.... We went out on a double date and it turned out to be a fair evening for me. I seduced a girl who would have been bored by a diamond as big as the Ritz.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)