WFD World's Fastest Drummer Extreme Sport Drumming - Early Years

Early Years

Early stars of the event in addition to Rabb included a veteran jazz drummer named Art Verdi (first person to break 1100 single strokes), Jotan Afanador, the first drummer to regularly perform near 1200 single strokes in one minute, double strokes champion Canadian Tim Waterson, the first person to score over 1000 single strokes on a bass drum, and the first identifiable personality of the bass drum division via a series of instructional videos touting his widely emulated heel-toe technique.

In 2001 WFD acquired its most recognizable competitor when (now) Dream Theater drummer and Berklee College of Music professor Mike Mangini joined its ranks. Initially Mangini was hard pressed to surpass Afanador, but eventually became the first drummer to surpass 1200 single strokes in one minute, and has since dominated the sport, holding several world records at any given time including fastest hands both match grip and traditional grip.

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