West Lake - Attractions


Other attractions include:

  • Daily XiHu Water Fountain Show
  • Yue-Wang Temple (岳王廟), the tomb and memorial hall to Yue Fei (岳飛).
  • Lingyin Temple (靈隱寺), a Buddhist monastery and surrounding hills and gardens.
  • Long Jing tea farms (龍井茶園), an area renowned for the quality of its tea leaves.
  • Jingci Temple
  • Galloping Tiger Spring (虎跑夢泉), a spring famous for its mineral water.
  • Tomb of Su Xiao Xiao (蘇小小墓)
  • Tomb of Wu Song (武松墓)
  • The West Lake Museum (located on the lake shore) is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the West Lake.

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