West Hills

West Hills can refer to several places in the United States:

  • West Hills, New York
  • West Hills, Pennsylvania
  • West Hills, Los Angeles, California
  • West Hills, a neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut, included in the larger Amity (New Haven) neighborhood area
  • West Hills (Knoxville, Tennessee)
  • The Tualatin Mountains, a.k.a. the West Hills of Portland, Oregon, United States
  • West Hills College, a community college located in California, with campuses in Coalinga, Lemoore, etc.

Famous quotes containing the words west and/or hills:

    Faithfulness to the past can be a kind of death above ground. Writing of the past is a resurrection; the past then lives in your words and you are free.
    —Jessamyn West (1902–1984)

    Come over the hills and far with me,
    And be my love in the rain.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)