Werner may refer to:

  • Werner (name), origin of the name and people with this name as surname and given name
  • Werner I, Bishop of Strasbourg (c. 980 - 1028)
  • Werner I, Count of Habsburg (c. 1025 - 1096)
  • Werner II, Count of Habsburg ( - 1167)
  • Werner of Oberwesel, Christian boy allegedly murdered by Jews
Fictional characters
  • Werner (comics), German comic book character
  • Werner Von Croy, fictional character in the Tomb Raider series
  • Werner von Strucker, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Werner, fictional character in Darwin's Soldiers
  • Werner, California, unincorporated community
  • Werner, West Virginia
  • Mount Werner, mountain that includes the Steamboat Ski Resort, in the Park Range of Colorado
  • Werner (crater), crater in the south-central highlands of the Moon
  • Carsey-Werner, American television and film production studio
  • Werner Enterprises, Nebraska-based trucking company
  • Werner Co., world's largest manufacturer of ladders
  • Werner Motors, early automobile manufacturer
Other uses
  • Werner (Byron), an 1822 work of Lord Byron
  • Werner Park, a baseball stadium near Omaha, Nebraska named for Werner Enterprises