WCW Vs. NWo: World Tour - Roster


In addition to WCW and nWo leagues, Asmik Ace and THQ included fictional wrestling promotions Dead or Alive Wrestling, a reference to Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, and Independent Union, a reference to International Wrestling Grand Prix. These factions consist of several "fictional" characters who are actually Japanese wrestlers that appeared in that country's version of the game, Virtual Pro Wrestling 64. They appear in the American version with names changed due to copyright laws. These Japanese wrestlers include, among others FMW stars such as Hayabusa, who was renamed "Hannibal," and Atsushi Onita, who was renamed "Puchtecha," as well as future WWF stars such as Taka Michinoku, who goes by the moniker of "Black Belt." These characters were also given extravagant profiles in the game's official strategy guide; Abdullah the Butcher, renamed "Saladin," is described as a former Afghan Secret service operative who refused orders to assassinate Mikhail Gorbachev.

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