Watkin is an English surname formed as a diminutive of the name Watt (also Wat), a popular Middle English given name itself derived as a pet form of the name Walter. First found in a small Welsh village in 1629.

Within the United Kingdom it is associated with being a Welsh surname.

It may refer to:

  • Arthur Watkin, english footballer
  • Billy Watkin, english footballer
  • Cyril Watkin, english footballer
  • David Watkin (cinematographer), British cinematographer
  • Edward Watkin, Victorian railway chairman
    • Edward Watkin (disambiguation)
  • Evan Watkin, new zealand cricket umpire
  • Frank Watkin, english footballer
  • George Watkin, english footballer
  • Louise Watkin, british paraolympic swimmer
  • Pierre Watkin, an American actor
  • Steve Watkin, English cricketer
  • Steve Watkin (footballer), welsh footballer
  • Thomas Glyn Watkin, welsh lawyer
  • William Ward Watkin, American architect

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