Walton Hill

At 316 metres above sea level, Walton Hill is the highest point in the range of hills in northern Worcestershire known as the Clent Hills. It is the highest point for 21 miles in all directions, and as such commands an excellent panorama. Its neighbours include Clent Hill, Wychbury Hill (which is hidden from view by Clent Hill), Calcot Hill, and Romsley Hill.

The summit of the hill is open grassland and heath, which was commonland of the manor of Clent. This became a regulated common in 1935, as a result of action by Bromsgrove Rural District Council, and was given to the National Trust in 1959. Woodlands on the side of the hill in the Clatterbach valley were bought by Worcestershire County Council in 1957 and given by it to the National Trust in 1959.

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