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Web Demo and Software

There exist several software graphic tools that will let you create 2D patterns using wallpaper symmetry groups. Usually, you can edit the original tile and its copies in the entire pattern are updated automatically.

  • MadPattern, a free set of Adobe Illustrator templates that support the 17 wallpaper groups
  • Tess, a nagware tessellation program for multiple platforms, supports all wallpaper, frieze, and rosette groups, as well as Heesch tilings.
  • Kali, online graphical symmetry editor applet.
  • Kali, free downloadable Kali for Windows and Mac Classic.
  • Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor, supports all 17 groups plus arbitrary scales, shifts, rotates, and color changes per row or per column, optionally randomized to a given degree. (See )
  • SymmetryWorks is a commercial plugin for Adobe Illustrator, supports all 17 groups.
  • Arabeske is a free standalone tool, supports a subset of wallpaper groups.

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