W. Somerset Maugham Bibliography - Contributions To Books By Other Writers

Contributions To Books By Other Writers

  • Maugham also edited and finished the autobiography of the Victorian actor Sir Charles Hawtrey (1858–1923), called "The Truth at Last", which was posthumously published in (1924).
  • Maugham wrote the preface for Doris Arthur Jones' "What a Life!" (1932).
  • Contribution to a tribute programme to Marie Tempest (1935).
  • Preface to the catalogue of an exhibition of Sir Gerald Kelly (1950).
  • "Eddie Marsh" (1953).
  • Introduction by Maugham to "Without Veils", biography of Gladys Cooper by Sewell Stokes,(1953)
  • Introduction to "The Artist and the Theatre - The story of the paintings collected and presented to the National Theatre by W.Somerset Maugham" by Raymond Mander and Joe Michenson (1955).
  • Maugham also wrote the preface for the edition of "Letters from Madame de Sevigne" selected and translated by Violet Hammersley (1955).

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