Vulnerable may refer to:

  • Vulnerability
  • Vulnerable (Tricky album), 2003
  • Vulnerable (Marvin Gaye album), 1997
  • Vulnerable (The Used album), 2012
  • "Vulnerable" (song), a 1994 song by Roxette
  • "Vulnerable", a song by the Pet Shop Boys from the album Yes
  • "Vulnerable", a song sung by Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron written by Antonina Armato.
  • Vulnerable species

Famous quotes containing the word vulnerable:

    When parents fail to set appropriate limits, children may feel more vulnerable at night: the aggressive urges that have not been “tamed” by day may be terrifying to a small child alone in the dark.
    Cathy Rindner Tempelsman (20th century)

    To rescue our children we will have to let them save us from the power we embody: we will have to trust the very difference that they forever personify. And we will have to allow them the choice, without fear of death: that they may come and do likewise or that they may come and that we will follow them, that a little child will lead us back to the child we will always be, vulnerable and wanting and hurting for love and for beauty.
    June Jordan (b. 1939)

    The most vulnerable and yet most invincible thing is human vanity: indeed, its strength increases when it is wounded, and can ultimately grow to gigantic proportions.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)