Vsevolod IV of Kiev

Vsevolod IV Of Kiev

Vsevolod IV Svyatoslavich the Red (Russian: Вcеволод Святославич Чермный) (? – Chernigov, August, 1212) was a Rus' prince (a member of the Rurik dynasty). His baptismal name was Daniil. He was grand prince of Kiev (1203, 1206, 1207, 1208–1212); he was also prince of Chernigov (1204–1206/1208) and of Belgorod (1205).

He was one of the most successful senior princes of the Olgovichi (the ruling dynasty of Chernigov): while he was senior prince, they for the first time established their rule over lands stretching from Halych through Kiev and Pereyaslavl to Chernigov.

Architectural and circumstantial evidence suggest that he initiated building projects in Chernigov: he sent an artel’ (a team of builders) to the town where it built the Church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnisa between 1211 and 1214.

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