Von Braun

Von Braun may refer to:

  • Wernher von Braun (1912–1977), the influential rocket scientist
  • Sigismund von Braun (1911–1998), German diplomat, Wernher's brother
  • Magnus von Braun (1919–2003), Chrysler Europe executive, Wernher's brother
  • Magnus von Braun (senior) (1878–1972), German politician, Minister of Agriculture 1932–1933, father of the three von Braun brothers.
  • von Braun, the lunar crater
  • The VonBraun, a fictional faster-than-light starship from the 1999 personal computer game System Shock 2
  • The Von Braun, a fusion-powered ship designed for a manned mission to Jupiter in the manga and anime Planetes
  • The Von Braun, a fictional, robotic, slower-than-light starship in the Discovery Channel special Alien Planet
  • Von Braun reaction, a reaction in organic chemistry
  • Von Braun amide degradation, a second related reaction

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