Voiced Uvular Fricative - Occurrence


In Western Europe, a uvular trill pronunciation of rhotic consonants spread from northern French to several dialects and registers of Danish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish. However, not all of these remain a uvular trill today. In Danish, the r is a pharyngeal approximant in all but the most conservative speech. In Brazilian Portuguese, it is usually a velar fricative (, ), voiceless uvular fricative, or glottal fricative (, ). Because such uvular rhotics often do not contrast with alveolar ones, IPA transcriptions may often use ⟨r⟩ to represent them for ease of typesetting. For more information, see guttural R.

Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Abkhaz цыҕ 'marten' See Abkhaz phonology
Adyghe тыгъэ ğă 'sun'
Aleut Atkan dialect chamĝul 'to wash'
Arabic غزال 'gazelle' See Arabic phonology
Armenian Eastern ղեկ 'rudder'
Avar тIагъур 'cap'
Berber Kabyle bbeγ 'to dive'
Chilcotin 'he walks'
Danish rød 'red' See Danish phonology
Dutch Southern rond 'round' Some dialects, mainly those of North Brabant, Limburg and parts of Belgium. See Dutch phonology
English North-east Leinster red 'red' Corresponds to in other Irish dialects.
French rester 'to stay' See French phonology
German Standard Rübe 'turnip' In free variation with a uvular trill. See German phonology
Lower Rhine
Hebrew רע 'bad' May also be trilled. See Modern Hebrew phonology
Inuktitut East Inuktitut dialect marruuk 'two'
Kabardian гъэ 'year'
Kazakh саған sağan 'you (singular dative)'
Kyrgyz жамгыр 'rain'
Lakota aǧúyapi 'bread'
Limburgish Maastrichtian dialect roond 'round'
Malay Perak dialect Perak 'Perak (name of state)' See Malay phonology
Norwegian Southern and southwestern dialects rar 'strange' See Norwegian phonology
Portuguese European carro 'car' Often trilled. See Portuguese phonology
Fluminense ardência 'stinging' Often trilled (and associated with emphatic speech in a wider area). If as coda, in free variation with, and before voiced, and, and before voiceless consonants
Sulista arroz 'rice'
Sakha тоҕус tog‘us 'nine'
Swedish Southern dialects rör 'pipes' See Swedish phonology
Tatar яңгыр, yañğır 'rain'
Tsez агъи ’ag‘i 'bird'
Ubykh 'his' Ubykh has ten different uvular fricatives. See Ubykh phonology
Uzbek ёмғир yomg‘ir 'rain'
Yiddish רעגן 'rain' See Yiddish phonology
Zhuang roek 'six'

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