Virtus Entella - Current Squad

Current Squad

As of 5 September 2012

No. Position Player
GK Andrea Paroni
GK Gianluigi Otranto
GK Francesco Conti
DF Michele Russo
DF C├ęsar
DF Luca Cecchini
DF Simone Fantoni
DF Nicola Falcier
DF Francesco Zampano
DF Alberto Bianchi
DF Filippo De Col
MF Simone Marino
MF Silvano Raggio Garibaldi
No. Position Player
MF Elia Ballardini
MF Zaccaria Hamlili
MF Renan Wagner
MF Gennaro Volpe (captain)
MF Lorenzo Staiti
MF Ighli Vannucchi
MF Hernan Pablo Garin
MF Michele Pisanu
28 FW Sacha Cori (on loan from Cesena)
FW Vittorio Argeri
FW Simone Guerra
FW Daniele Rosso
FW Mattia Marchi

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