Vietnamese Cuisine - Cooking Techniques

Cooking Techniques

Common Vietnamese methods usually observed in preparing all ingredients include:

  • Rán,Chiên: fried dishes.
    • Chiên nước mắm: Fried with fish sauce.
    • Chiên bột: Battered then deep fried.
  • Rang: fried dishes without oil.
  • Áp chảo: Pan-fried then sautéed.
  • Xào: stir fry, sautéing.
    • Xào tỏi: Stir fry with garlic. Very common way of treating vegetables.
    • Xào sả ớt: Sautéed with lemongrass and chilli.
    • Xào lăn: Pan searing or stir frying quickly to cook rare meat.
    • Xáo măng: Cooked/sautéed with bamboo shoots.
  • Nhồi thịt: Squid or vegetable stuffed with minced meat then cooked.
  • Sốt chua ngọt: Fried with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Kho: stew, braised dishes.
    • Kho khô: literally dried stew (until the sauce thickens).
    • Kho tiêu/kho gừng/kho riềng: Stewed with peppercorns/ginger/galangal.
  • Nấu: Simply means cooking, usually in a pot.
    • Nấu nước dừa: Cooked with coconut juice.
  • Hầm/Ninh: slow-cook with spices or other ingredients over a long period of time.
  • Rim: simmering.
  • Luộc: boiling with water, usually applied to fresh vegetables and meat.
  • Hấp: steamed dishes.
    • Hấp sả: Hấp or steamed with lemongrass.
    • Hấp Hồng Kông or Hấp xì dầu: "Hong Kong" style steamed dish (i.e.: with scallion, ginger and soy sauce).
  • Om: clay pot cooking of Northern style.
    • Om sữa: Cooked in clay pot with milk.
    • Om chuối đậu: Cooked with young banana and tofu.
  • Gỏi: salad dishes.
  • Nướng: grilled dishes.
    • Nướng xiên: skewered dishes.
    • Nướng ống tre: Cooked in bamboo tubes over fire.
    • Nướng mọi/nướng trui/thui: Char-grilled over open fire.
    • Nướng đất sét/lá chuối: Cooked in a clay mould or banana leaves wrap. Recently clay moulds and banana leaves are being replaced by kitchen foil, hence the method has evolved into nướng giấy bạc.
    • Nướng muối ớt: Marinated with salt and chilli then grilled.
    • Nướng tỏi: Marinated with garlic then grilled.
    • Nướng mỡ hành: Grilled then topped with melted lard, peanuts and chopped green onions.
  • Bằm: sauteed mixed of chopped ingredients.
  • Cháo: congee dishes.
  • Súp: soup dishes (not canh or clear broth soup)
  • Rô ti: roasting meat then bring to a simmer.
  • Cà ri: curry dishes.
  • Quay: roasted dishes.
  • Lẩu: hot pot dishes.
  • Nhúng dấm: Cooked in a vinegar-based hotpot.
  • Cuốn: Refers to any dish featuring rice paper wraps with bún and fresh herbs.
  • Bóp thấu/tái chanh: Raw meat/seafood preparing with lime or vinegar.

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