Vien (Hasidic Community) - Subsequent Leaders of The Viener Kehilla

Subsequent Leaders of The Viener Kehilla

Rabbi Steif was succeeded by Rabbi Ezriel Yehuda Lebowitz (Hudhazer Rov) who was succeeded by the current Viener Rov, Rabbi Asher Anshel Katz. Prior to his appointment, Rabbi Katz was the Rov of the Szombathely shul in Williamsburg which was established by his late father, Rabbi Yehoshua Katz who arrived in America after World War II from Szombathely, Hungary. (After Rabbi Asher Anshel Katz was appointed as Viener Rov, his son in law, Rabbi Aaron Yeshaye Rosner assumed his position as the Szombathely Rov).

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