Video Clip - Use of Corporate Web Videos

Use of Corporate Web Videos

Corporations have begun to exploit Web video in communicating with people and in driving traffic to their sites. According to one article, the most common types of corporate Web video are:

1. Customer Testimonials
2. Video Success Stories
3. Video Case Studies
4. Man-On-the-Street Interviews/Market Research
5. Product Presentations/Video Brochures
6. Product Demonstrations
7. Product Reviews
8. Corporate Overviews
9. Presentations, Trade Shows and Events
10. Facilities Tours
11. Training and support videos
12. Commercials and Infomercials

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Famous quotes containing the words corporate, web and/or videos:

    Power, in Case’s world, meant corporate power. The zaibatsus, the multinationals ..., had ... attained a kind of immortality. You couldn’t kill a zaibatsu by assassinating a dozen key executives; there were others waiting to step up the ladder; assume the vacated position, access the vast banks of corporate memory.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    Thou blind man’s mark, thou fool’s self-chosen snare,
    Fond Fancy’s scum and dregs of scattered thought,
    Band of all evils, cradle of causeless care,
    Thou web of will whose end is never wrought;
    Desire! desire, I have too dearly bought
    With price of mangled mind thy worthless ware;
    Sir Philip Sidney (1554–1586)

    Ambivalence reaches the level of schizophrenia in our treatment of violence among the young. Parents do not encourage violence, but neither do they take up arms against the industries which encourage it. Parents hide their eyes from the books and comics, slasher films, videos and lyrics which form the texture of an adolescent culture. While all successful societies have inhibited instinct, ours encourages it. Or at least we profess ourselves powerless to interfere with it.
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)