Victor Mayer

Victor Mayer (* 1857 in Pforzheim, Germany; † 1946) founded the jewellery manufacture Victor Mayer in Pforzheim in 1890. In the time of Jugendstil / Art Nouveau, the company created pieces based on the designs of well-known artists such as the jewellery designer Professor Georg Kleemann or Anton Krautheimer of the Munich Secession (art). In the art deco period and in the 1950s the manufacture focused mainly on fine gold and silver ware. From the 70s onwards again more jewellery was manufactured.From 1989 until 2009, the company continued to produce Fabergé jewellery which the famous Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé had to give up in 1917. The manufacture Victor Mayer is well known for its high-end jewellery and the preservation of historical artisan techniques such as authentic fire enamel or guilloché.

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