Vichara Dany

Vichara Dany (Khmer: វិជ្ជរ៉ា ដានី) was a widely popular actress in Cambodia who most likely made her debut in 1967. She starred in a majority of films which include Thavory Meas Bong, Tep Sodachan, and Sovann Pancha during the nation's golden age of cinema. She is often paired on screen with fellow actor Kong Sam-Oeurn. Other notable actors she started with are Chea Yuthorn and Vann Vannak. In only a span of at least seven years she is credited to have starred in over one hundred films. Details of her life are relatively unknown and is believed to have perished shortly after the Khmer Rouge regime.

Recently a popular Cambodian magazine has shed some light on her life during and after the Khmer Rouge regime. She is said to have been married to a Khmer Rouge cadre just as Ros Serey Sothear was. By the time the Vietnamese forces had invaded Cambodia in 1979, Vichara was able to escape her captors and headed back to Phnom Penh. Along the way she is said to have died of complications during childbirth.

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