Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee is the popular name of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Committee to Consider Managers, Umpires, Executives and Long-Retired Players, a committee of the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame that provides an opportunity for Hall of Fame election to all individuals who are eligible for induction but ineligible for consideration by the Baseball Writers Association of America. As of the 2011 election process, it is responsible for considering individuals in the following categories:

  • Players who are no longer eligible for the BBWAA ballot
  • Managers
  • Umpires
  • Executives, including team owners, general managers, and league officials.

The term "Veterans Committee" is taken from the body's former official name: National Baseball Hall of Fame Committee on Baseball Veterans. It is no longer officially used by the Hall, which now calls the voting bodies the Expansion Era Committee, Golden Era Committee, and Pre-Integration Era Committee. However, it remains in wide use by sports media.

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